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The book:

Is Stuttering Something To Hung Up On?

The book tells about what Stig Lindh - who today has no stuttering
problems – has experienced as a
member during 35 years of   Stuttering Associations in Sweden.

During the time I was chairman of
the world's first stuttering
association P-club and one of the creators - the seed - to the Stuttering Association
in Sweden - I engaged the expertise of the world in courses,
seminars, therapies and more. Unlike my
stammering peers, I was participating in all these
therapies. I tried them. A group where I stayed for 25
years was Casriel´s Identity
therapy, where I got the insight of what other people needs are and how
they function.

I realized early on that it was not enough to learn
an instrument by merely listening
to it.

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